How It Works

Buyers can get started buying with Rewind in 3 steps!

1.) Sign Up with Rewind

Creating an account with Rewind is easy. Simply Sign Up with your name, email, and unique password.

2.) Review Current Listings

Visit our Rewind Marketplace to find the new and used wind turbines, spare parts and components that meet your project specifications. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Us and we’ll start searching for the perfect match.

3.) Make Your Purchase

You can choose to Make an Offer or purchase directly on our secure platform by clicking the Buy Now button. Once we receive confirmation of your order, our team will work with you and the seller to schedule any inspections, close the transaction and ship the equipment.

Sellers can get started selling with Rewind in 3 steps!

1.) Register as an Official Rewind Seller

After Signing Up with Rewind, requesting a Seller account is easy. Simply submit a Rewind Seller Application and sit back while your account status is updated in our system. You will receive a notification email when the process is complete.

2.) Submit Your Wind Assets

Create a New Listing to get started selling wind turbines, spare parts and surplus components with Rewind. Just provide your equipment details, including price, quantity and condition and our team will review your submission. We’ll be in contact if we require anything additional for marketing purposes.

3.) Sell Your Assets

We’ll work with you and potential buyers to negotiate and structure deals that provide top value and a fast close.

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